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Countdown 2015! The Improving Writing presentation

Jasper m beastI’m presenting tomorrow at the English Teachers’ Association’s Annual Conference. The presentation is an update of my work as a literacy consultant. For those who’ve seen it before, my presentation is based on a course I developed for an across KLA audience but I have adapted it several times for different KLA’s, student audiences, different contexts and different delivery timeframes.
Previously with English teachers I’ve used John Foulcher’s ‘Summer Rain’ as a related text but I’ve moved to The Mysterious Geographic Explorations of Jasper Morello, which is better suited to discovery.
The presentation’s meant to cover a number of bases. It’s meant to in the first case provide information and strategies for teachers who are less familiar with grammar and literacy within English. It’s also meant to give teachers in schools who have to work as part of literacy committees some information that will help them move their schools away from narrow, NAPLAN-based approaches to literacy. Finally it’s designed to continue the conversation. I’ve suggested a range of practical strategies designed to improve students’ writing and outlined a framework that structures the process. But I know that others will take this in their own directions; I encourage you to do so.
The PowerPoint for Friday’s presentation is here: Improving Writing ETA Nov 14 v4
The handout I prepared included my article from last year’s mETAphor, Issue 3. Members can download this from the ETA’s website.
I also included some sample paragraphs to start the conversation. These are here: jasper morello paragraphs v5
Elsewhere on the blog you’ll find previous versions of this course should you wish. Or you can just get in touch. I’ll see a large group of you at conference tomorrow, I’m sure.


Hunter ETA New Syllabus – the follow-up!

Thanks to everyone who attended the Hunter ETA’s new syllabus event at Hunter Performing Arts last week. As promised, this is the post with all the follow-up links. If you weren’t at the afternoon, there should still be interesting stuff for you here. Have a browse…

First of all, if you’d like to evaluate the evening, click on the following link. This will take you to google docs where there is a simple, ‘type your comment here’ form. Here’s the link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rvMxxZbI5171cgbdYL5oEEOQ2fJjwXfKj3UL2bNlU5s/edit?usp=sharing.
Now, here’s the PowerPoint I used to drive the evening. A lot of the following resources are referenced in the PowerPoint but if you are working with your staff and have limited time, this may work for you as a summary. ETA New Syllabus Pres 26 Mar

If you liked the horoscope activity, it’s here. English Teaching horoscope I’m particularly fond of it and may trot it out on one or two other occasions…

I referred during the evening to some of the work Mel Dixon and Eva Gold presented at the ETA New Syllabus day. This is also available from the ETA’s website but I’ll include it here to save you hunting. Here is Mel and Eva’s critical reading of the new syllabus PowerPoint. Programming new syllabus1No pics And here is Karen Yager’s conceptual planning PowerPoint. Conceptual Programming 2012_KYager

I didn’t talk about them at the workshop but Karen also talked about one of her units in detail on the day. You can find these by going to the link on the last page of the PowerPoint but I’ve included them here ProgSt4ThroughMyWindow and here. ThroughMyWindowSupplementaryTexts

The scaffold activity, designed to get teachers thinking more conceptually about programming English, is here. ETA mapping concepts blank The ‘answer sheet’ excel document is here. ETA MappingConceptsSt5

I referred to the DEC’s course a few times. To save you whipping back to the portal, the Activity book is here. activities_all I’ll also add the presenter’s notes. Presenter_notes  To do the Outcome 5 jigsaw requires you to be logged onto the DEC portal but the manual version of that activity is here. Stage 5 Outcome 5 jigsaw

Okay, if any of that doesn’t work, let me know!

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