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An Area of Study quickie

I’ve written about this before. At my place, we do a task where students read aloud 300 words of their own writing then relate it to ideas about Discovery and their texts.

Here’s the latest version of our task: HSC_AoS_Task_One_Asst_Notification_2016

There’s a couple of differences from our past task. Most notably, we’ve built in some concepts, some possible visual stimuli and insisted on third person writing. I’ve left this in Word so that people can make adaptations for their own context. I know that there are other people out there using other models – the viva voce, for example – but this is the one we’ve settled on here. Because it values the creative we think it’s a worthwhile addition to the course as a whole.

And would this be a good time to mention that getting rid of the Area of Study might not be the best idea in the world?


For those who asked – The Crucible

I’ve spoken at ETA events on The Crucible a couple of times and built up a prety mean old PowerPoint on it. Here it is: Belonging Crucible Marsden lec 2013.

There’s a lot of material in here that is copyrighted, so please take care to acknowledge copyright owners if you use this with a class. My favourite part of the PowerPoint is the images of the set, from Stuart Marshall’s 1997 Belfast Lyric Theatre production. It’s built from large, moveable planks that look rough-sawn – a reflection of the Pilgrim community’s development at the time of the play – and as the world of Salem breaks down they become disorganised and chaotic. Very clever.

Fun with New Prescriptions

I’d forgotten what a lot of fun it is to play with the prescribed text list, imagining possible combinations and trying out different patterns to see what happens. What if I do this? What if i do that? What do the annotations say? 

I rapidly filled up about five photocopies of the course requirements planner.

 And I was thinking: is there a better way to familiarise myself (and staff) with the new list?

 So I’ve had a go at doing just that. Here is my colour-coded New Prescriptions Mix-n-Match game: New Prescriptions mix n match. The idea is that you print this on a colour printer, laminate, slice and dice as needed – then use it in a staff meeting, or just leave it on the table in the staff room for people to play with.

 I’ve put time into this particularly because I found that my own efforts kept drifting back to ‘safe’ choices – texts I knew, units I’ve taught – and I wanted to get myself thinking in new directions with the prescriptions. Can I put together a pattern of study where I haven’t taught anything before, for example?

 I’m also aware that some staff may not have had to look at this particular piece of planning in anything except a cursory way for a while and may benefit from a ‘refresher’ on course requirements.

 Before you ask – no, I didn’t do one for Standard. Advanced took me long enough! But if any of you want to put one together and share it…

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