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An Area of Study quickie

I’ve written about this before. At my place, we do a task where students read aloud 300 words of their own writing then relate it to ideas about Discovery and their texts.

Here’s the latest version of our task: HSC_AoS_Task_One_Asst_Notification_2016

There’s a couple of differences from our past task. Most notably, we’ve built in some concepts, some possible visual stimuli and insisted on third person writing. I’ve left this in Word so that people can make adaptations for their own context. I know that there are other people out there using other models – the viva voce, for example – but this is the one we’ve settled on here. Because it values the creative we think it’s a worthwhile addition to the course as a whole.

And would this be a good time to mention that getting rid of the Area of Study might not be the best idea in the world?


It’s okay, you can thank me later…

I’m getting a workshop together on Section 2 of paper 1, so I’ve been writing a practice question. I soon realised that the question always happens as part of the context of the paper as a whole, so I’ve chosen a theme and grabbed a few unseen texts to give the question some context. The result is attached. Feel free to use it as you wish. AoS Section 2 Practice.

 And if you have another, similar activity, please share! My goal in the workshop is to get students to follow Tony Britten’s advice and develop an additional scenario that may be of use in their exam. I’ll let you know how it goes.

The Justice Game continued

I was speaking to Year 12 students at my school on Wednesday so I put together a new presentation on Representation and Text, Conflicting Perspectives, The Justice Game. Here it is: Rep text justice lecture jul 13

I’m particularly fond of the ‘Andrew Johns’ slide in here. It’s meant to solve a problem for those who study The Justice Game and relates to the way Robertson positions his audience. Putting it simply, if you pick up Andrew Johns’ autobiography, what are your expectations? (Okay, let’s leave out the one that says he probably didn’t write it himself.) Is it going to give a personal perspective about a career in football? Is it going to give us new insights into memorable characters and events? Will it present a particular version of key conflicts on and off the field?

These, then, are our expectations of this particular medium of production. Of course I’m not suggesting we use AJ’s memoirs as a related text – it’s just a way into understanding our expectations of this textual form. What this does do is get around the problem of students who think Robertson’s work is ‘biased’ because ‘it only gives us his point of view.’ And yes, I have seen more than one student write this.

A reminder that this work is my intellectual property. You are welcome to use it for instructional purposes provided you recognise my rights as the creator. Including my name on any slide you use is sufficient! It’d also be nice to know if this helps with your teaching of TJG. I’m interested in your comments.

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