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Wuthering High? Moby Clique?

They’re both book titles. I came across a reference to them in the latest English in Australia, that’s Volume 48, Number 2, and went browsing.

What I read of Cara Lockwood’s Wuthering High was engaging and clever. Not class set engaging and clever, but fun nonetheless.  Protagonist Miranda Tate, after a series of misdemeanours involving her father’s BMW convertible, is shipped off to Bard Academy. The school advertises itself as a place where ‘our students probe the classics in a solid academic tradition.’ It turns out that many of the teachers in the school are the ghosts of authors past. Ernest Hemingway teaches PE…

What a fabulous idea for a piece of young adult literature. Here’s a school where students get in touch with the great writers of the past – literally!  The article in English in Australia puts it like this:

Miranda and her fellow students are presumed to benefit from direct contact with dead authors, whether they have read those authors’ works or not.

I’ve always been a fan of Jasper Fforde’s ‘Eyre Affair’ series because of the way it plays with literature so I think I might have to give this one a read. I’d recommend the article in English in Australia, too: it’s Erica Hateley’s ‘Canon Fodder: Young Adult Literature as a Tool for Critiquing Canonicity.’ It’s an excellent summary recent thinking on the nature of the canon and its relationship to young adult literature. Wuthering High


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