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Grammar in the new English syllabus

I’ve come up with an interesting activity to give some perspective into the new English syllabus.

I’m working with some colleagues on putting together a grammar scope and sequence that will integrate into the teaching of English in their context. It’s an interesting project. We all know the new syllabus requires more of teachers in terms of the teaching of language but quantifying this is a task of Job. Or at least the task of a Literacy Consultant with an office day.

After a re-read of the Stage 4 and 5, I wanted to check I’d found everything relevant so I went to the on-line syllabus at http://syllabus.bos.nsw.edu.au/english/ and used the search function to check for a few key terms.

It occurs to me that this is a good staff activity for a faculty meeting.

Here’s the list I went searching for:

  • grammar
  • grammatical
  • modality
  • spelling
  • nominalisation
  • clause
  • appropriation
  • transform
  • metonymy
  • representation
  • inference
  • figurative
  • genre
  • punctuation

I can see a meeting where a faculty took a couple of terms each,  went to the search function, then came back ten minutes later and talked to their colleagues, being very revealing.

The big thing I found was that most of those terms are common across the outcomes in Stages 3, 4 and 5. But there’s more observations than that to be had.  And probably more key terms to be searched. See how you go!

Oh, a quick PS: this document has relevance to what we do in secondary English, too. English K 6 Grammar Scope Seq


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