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Revising Area of Study Section 2

Yesterday I was working with a school revising Paper 1,Section 2 of the HSC. In the presentation I tried to address the particular problem that students don’t know specifically what to do to ‘study’ for this section. I’ve put all the resources from the workshop into this post

There’s ideas from a range of sources in here. Tony Britten is big on building scenarios, so I’ve included that as a preparation strategy. Lizzie Chase’s Raft, River, Rainbow resource (available here: http://www.raftriverandrainbow.com/) is intended for junior years but I’ve found that it’s excellent for explicitly reinforcing knowledge about the craft of writing with Year 12. The graphic is from the Whitlam Institute’s What Matters site.

For the workshop, I prepared a practice paper that had texts but no Section 1 questions. It’s here: AoS Section 2 Practice

Here’s the PowerPoint: AoS Writing Workshop Regular readers will notice that it’s adapted from ones I’ve delivered in the past. This one’s specifically AoS focused.

Just to make life a little easier, here’s the Writing Craft cards from Lizzie Chase’s Raft, River, Rainbow resource.  Raftriver Writing craft

As usual, I’m putting what I do out there so that it can be used and improved. Let me know how it goes.

Have fun!


Grammar in the new English syllabus

I’ve come up with an interesting activity to give some perspective into the new English syllabus.

I’m working with some colleagues on putting together a grammar scope and sequence that will integrate into the teaching of English in their context. It’s an interesting project. We all know the new syllabus requires more of teachers in terms of the teaching of language but quantifying this is a task of Job. Or at least the task of a Literacy Consultant with an office day.

After a re-read of the Stage 4 and 5, I wanted to check I’d found everything relevant so I went to the on-line syllabus at http://syllabus.bos.nsw.edu.au/english/ and used the search function to check for a few key terms.

It occurs to me that this is a good staff activity for a faculty meeting.

Here’s the list I went searching for:

  • grammar
  • grammatical
  • modality
  • spelling
  • nominalisation
  • clause
  • appropriation
  • transform
  • metonymy
  • representation
  • inference
  • figurative
  • genre
  • punctuation

I can see a meeting where a faculty took a couple of terms each,  went to the search function, then came back ten minutes later and talked to their colleagues, being very revealing.

The big thing I found was that most of those terms are common across the outcomes in Stages 3, 4 and 5. But there’s more observations than that to be had.  And probably more key terms to be searched. See how you go!

Oh, a quick PS: this document has relevance to what we do in secondary English, too. English K 6 Grammar Scope Seq

It’s okay, you can thank me later…

I’m getting a workshop together on Section 2 of paper 1, so I’ve been writing a practice question. I soon realised that the question always happens as part of the context of the paper as a whole, so I’ve chosen a theme and grabbed a few unseen texts to give the question some context. The result is attached. Feel free to use it as you wish. AoS Section 2 Practice.

 And if you have another, similar activity, please share! My goal in the workshop is to get students to follow Tony Britten’s advice and develop an additional scenario that may be of use in their exam. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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