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Fun with New Prescriptions

I’d forgotten what a lot of fun it is to play with the prescribed text list, imagining possible combinations and trying out different patterns to see what happens. What if I do this? What if i do that? What do the annotations say? 

I rapidly filled up about five photocopies of the course requirements planner.

 And I was thinking: is there a better way to familiarise myself (and staff) with the new list?

 So I’ve had a go at doing just that. Here is my colour-coded New Prescriptions Mix-n-Match game: New Prescriptions mix n match. The idea is that you print this on a colour printer, laminate, slice and dice as needed – then use it in a staff meeting, or just leave it on the table in the staff room for people to play with.

 I’ve put time into this particularly because I found that my own efforts kept drifting back to ‘safe’ choices – texts I knew, units I’ve taught – and I wanted to get myself thinking in new directions with the prescriptions. Can I put together a pattern of study where I haven’t taught anything before, for example?

 I’m also aware that some staff may not have had to look at this particular piece of planning in anything except a cursory way for a while and may benefit from a ‘refresher’ on course requirements.

 Before you ask – no, I didn’t do one for Standard. Advanced took me long enough! But if any of you want to put one together and share it…


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