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The Justice Game continued

I was speaking to Year 12 students at my school on Wednesday so I put together a new presentation on Representation and Text, Conflicting Perspectives, The Justice Game. Here it is: Rep text justice lecture jul 13

I’m particularly fond of the ‘Andrew Johns’ slide in here. It’s meant to solve a problem for those who study The Justice Game and relates to the way Robertson positions his audience. Putting it simply, if you pick up Andrew Johns’ autobiography, what are your expectations? (Okay, let’s leave out the one that says he probably didn’t write it himself.) Is it going to give a personal perspective about a career in football? Is it going to give us new insights into memorable characters and events? Will it present a particular version of key conflicts on and off the field?

These, then, are our expectations of this particular medium of production. Of course I’m not suggesting we use AJ’s memoirs as a related text – it’s just a way into understanding our expectations of this textual form. What this does do is get around the problem of students who think Robertson’s work is ‘biased’ because ‘it only gives us his point of view.’ And yes, I have seen more than one student write this.

A reminder that this work is my intellectual property. You are welcome to use it for instructional purposes provided you recognise my rights as the creator. Including my name on any slide you use is sufficient! It’d also be nice to know if this helps with your teaching of TJG. I’m interested in your comments.


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One thought on “The Justice Game continued

  1. I really like the lecture you put together, and powerpoint, on Robertson. I find your references – particularly using the map, very effective. Many thanks and I will definitely credit you in my work as you have saved me consdierable time.

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