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Fresh Approaches to Blade Runner and Frankenstein

If you had to collect ten – and only ten – screenshots from Blade Runner that captured the key moments of the film, what would they be? And (assuming you’re doing this because you’re in NSW and doing the Comparative Study of Texts and Contexts module for the HSC) how would these shots connect with Frankenstein?

Here’s something I’ve put together so that students can have this conversation: Blade Runner screenshots v2

I’ve designed this as a ‘best practice’ activity. It’s collaborative, at least in parts, it’s designed with a modelled/ guided/ independent cycle in mind and it asks students to write with a more personal voice.

 Basically it sets students a challenge: as a group, choose ten screenshots that are key to understanding Blade Runner. I’ve included some suggested shots in the powerpoint that you may wish to use to provoke discussion or assist the technologically challenged.

 Underneath the slides, in the notes section, you’ll find my modelled personal commentary and some teacher’s notes.

 My goal here is to give you a resource that will freshen up Blade Runner for you, and get your students away from the same old  ‘Pope’s bedroom’ stuff. Let me know what you think.


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4 thoughts on “Fresh Approaches to Blade Runner and Frankenstein

  1. Great idea. Love how it puts the onus back on the students and makes them think and take ownership. Will definitely use this with my class. We also do visual representation for the assess task so this will be a great lead in activity. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Ta for that. What really surprised me was how much more I discovered about the film while I was putting the activity together. I’d never noticed the artificial snow before! And I’ve taught this film every year since 2001!

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  3. Great idea –

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