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Better writing in Extension English



What I’ve collected here is something that I’ve been working on with Denise McKinna from Dungog High. We were looking for a strong work sample for students studying Science Fiction – and ended up collaborating on this project

Below is one student’s response written for a trial examination. It’s been transcribed but it was originally written in around an hour. If you’re familiar with the Notes from the Marking Centre, you’ll spot straight away that this is an average sort of answer.

What I’ve done here is to write the ‘feedback/ feed forward’ notes after several of the early paragraphs, then re-write the paragraphs in a way that I think would demonstrate a higher range answer.

This is intended to be a resource for students and teachers studying the Science Fiction elective. I haven’t worked through the whole essay, but if you’d like to work on a paragraph with your class and send me your version… I may return to this if i get some time and work on the Neuromancer paragraphs but I’d need to do a significant re-read first. There’s people out there better qualified than me to work on this.

Imp writing sample ext SF v2

Oh, while I was digging around, I found this interesting site: http://io9.com/books/. A good popular culture style site for people still new to the genre.


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