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‘Feed forward’ in practice.

At the end of last year I was visiting my school to talk about plans for 2013. While I was there, the staff were dealing with appeals on the just-completed Year 12 speaking task.  I took the opportunity to deal with one appeal, from a conscientious student who’d received a high B but thought his speech deserved an A.

If we’re serious about student voice, then we have to see appeals as being a legitimate part of the process; annoying as they are, they are a part of our communication with students and should be seen as an opportunity to build relationships. So, in consultation with the staff, I put some time into preparing some very detailed feedback/ feed forward for the student. 

I’ve included everything from the assessment task through to the feedback/ feed forward here. That’s partly because I’m particularly fond of this task. Krystal Bevin at HSPA had a big hand in re-designing the old speaking task so that we had one that valued students’ creative writing. But it’s also in the interests of transparency: here is the entire context. Depending on your own context, you’re likely to find different points of interest.

Here’s the original assessment task: AoS Speech Belonging Creative HSPA

Here’s the document with the example and response: Feed forward practical example English

Here’s the student’s PowerPoint: Imp writing Belonging speech pp



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