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More of the same

On Thursday I’m delivering my Improving Students’ Writing workshops to teachers in a couple of schools. The latest version of the workshop’s PowerPoint is here.

And here’s the new version of the handout. Improving Writing Workbook Dec 12

This is the ‘compilation’ version of the workshop, designed for two hours. There’s a lot of material from a lot of different subject areas so I’m hoping this will be useful outside of English.

I’m planning to run Improving Writing – the full day version – again next year, now that my contract’s been extended. Oh, and there’s a whole range of work samples uploaded on the edmodo group that goes with the course. The group number is at the end of the PowerPoint,  if you’d like to join.

All the best for Christmas!


Teaching SF

I’m working over the next couple of weeks on drafting up a couple of ‘new syllabus’ units.

 The first one I’m working on is based around Marissa Meyer’s book Cinder. It’s a Cinderella style cyborg love story, so naturally I’m re-working a genre unit. I’d like this to be contemporary, edgy, funky… engaging in other words. I mean yes, I love Ray Bradbury, but there are only so many times that I can teach ‘There will come soft rains.’

 So I’m looking for good ideas. Where would you all go with this?

 It’d be nice if the Borad of Studies  interactive programming tool was available, but we have to wait until day 1 next year for that. And right now, I have a bit of time on my hands. Naturally I’ll be sharing the final product so if you’ve got a moment, let me know your thoughts.

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