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Creative writing workshop. All the resources

One of my projects this term has been working on a GATS  writing program for primary schools. Like all things, it’s evolving, but here it all is.

My basic approach is that over the day participants will write four pieces for their ‘writer’s journal’, an ad, a poem, a short story and a 150 word persuasive speech. Because I’ve been seeing some really effective connections between primary and secondary schools, I thought I might encourage this as well, so I created an edmodo group with a mentor training program, which is here: GATS mentor training. I’ve got mentors coming to my event next week so I’ll be interested to hear what they thought!

The local primary GATS committee had set up the event as a ‘wicked writers’ day, so I went with this theme. Here’s my PowerPoint. As usual, please acknowledge copyright if you plan to use it. Wicked Writers no video. Hmm. WordPress doesn’t like my version of this with the video in it. Okay, here’s the video as a separate file. Or not. I don’t have it in a format wordpress likes.

The students in the workshops were late Year 4 and I found after the first one that they needed a bit more structure than I’d built in, so I made up a few worksheets before the second. They’re rough and ready but they helped get the organisation happening. GATS writing resources 

If you’re in a school where you don’t have a close connection with your primary, I’d say give a project like this a go. I could give you the data on why this is a good idea but I think it’s better to go with the more obvious: this kind of thing is good for everyone involved. The primary students were so impressed that they were doing ‘high school’ work, it’s great for the mentors, it breaks down the barriers between primary and high schools…. What’s not to like?


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