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Middle Years Literacy and Learning course update.

Between sessions task

 First of all, just a reminder that your between sessions task was to find examples of texts that students are required to read in your classroom as part of their learning. Please bring along two or three copies of these texts so that they can be shared. If you are not in a classroom at the moment, don’t panic. I have a couple of old NAPLAN reading task passages available.

 8 Ways of Aboriginal Learning

 We discussed this at Singleton but it’s interesting for everyone, I think. For more information see the wiki at http://8ways.wikispaces.com/


 Cena and I talked about this. There’s a good intro to debating here. Debating Intro 1. Debating intro 2.

 Brain video

 The video didn’t work very well at Singleton, and a couple of people had to leave early. Here’s the link –


 Oh, and at Singleton I had a couple of sheets I prepared to assist people in understanding the content of the video, while demonstrating the ‘six strategies’ approach. The sheets are also attached here. Adolescent brain Nagel comp activity

 Focus on Reading

 There’s some general information about Focus on Reading here – http://www.curriculumsupport.education.nsw.gov.au/literacy/program/focus_read/index.htm

 We’ll be doing a little more work based around the ‘super six’ approach at the next workshop.


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