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Re-thinking Literacy

I’ve been working on and off for a while on this presentation. It’s my two-hour staff development day PowerPoint, complete with notes.

I delivered this at Newcastle High yesterday. The first hour is about re-thinking literacy, trying to get staff to go beyond the narrow NAPLAN-driven view that’s common in a lot of high schools. The second half is a brief version of the Improving Students’ Writing course aimed at teachers. It’s designed to encourage teachers to have more meaningful dialogue with their students about their work.

If you’re in a school with a ‘smelly sock’ attitude to literacy – you know, Stephen Plummer’s idea that literacy is something that people dangle in front of the English faculty occasionally, saying ‘does this belong to you?’ – then the first half of this presentation could be particularly useful.

I have a few holes in my schedule and I’m happy to come and talk at executive meetings about this. Oh, sorry, DEC schools only here. But here’s the presentation: Re-thinking Literacy Workshop Version


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