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University Teachers’ Day

Highlights from yesterday’s University teachers’ day:

Max Smith’s talk on Innovative Teaching and Learning tied in nicely with a lot of the talk on Project Based Learning I’ve been interested in lately. There’s some interesting resources at http://www.pilsr.com/. Yes, the project is funded by Microsoft but it doesn’t mean the resources aren’t useful or interesting.

Teacher mentoring, peer coaching and so on are very much part of our professional dialogue at the moment so it was interesting to hear Jenny Gore and Julie Bowe’s take on all of this. They started with the idea that the Quality Teaching document hasn’t really been given a chance in schools. Most teachers would have been lucky to get maybe two hours on it.

So the question is, what kind of professional development is there that can improve the quality of teaching? Their project involves the idea of ‘teacher rounds’. Think Grey’s Anatomy. Or Scrubs. And now think about what hospital rounds might really be like.

In a well run teaching hospital, rounds are a source of valuable professional dialogue: problem solving with a view to increasing the capacity of doctors. Jenny and Julie have taken this concept into schools, working with teachers in ‘Professional Learning Community’ groups.

Really interesting. I’m wondering what this would look like in a High School…


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