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At the last minute – about 4 pm Thursday– the keynote speaker from the Newcastle Herald turned out not to be available for Newcastle’s Middle Years day.. Andrew Jones suggested that I could do the keynote. Grrrr. So I did. Luckily I can claim the preparation time as flex hours!

 So, attached is my keynote version of the Persuasive Writing/ Letters to the Editor presentation. It’s different from the workshop version I posted last week because it includes slides about the Whitlam Institute’s What Matters competition, some youtube links and a worked example of a letter from first draft to published quality.

 This might go well as support for a writing task in a persuasive writing unit. Newcastle are working on a project that involves liaison via the moodle with their local Primary schools so I was involved in ‘upskilling’ Year 8. The structure was basically:

  1. Why is Persuasive writing important?
  2. What can I write about?
  3. How should I write?Letters to the Editor keynote

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